Suits season 2 episode 6

Harvey later then regains the security tapes from the woman he was coquetting with at the hotel and has Mike evaluate the security footage to calculate the amounts drinks Keith had before he decided to sign the contract with Tom. When both parties eventually bring the matter to a judge, Harvey claims that since his client was intoxicated, he was not in a fit state of mind to reach a decision, which Tom abused. Tom’s lawyer, however, counters that although Keith was not, Harvey was sober when he proposed them the money owed to him in exchange for the neutralization of the napkin contract, so the judge submits that the case has to be brought to court. The importance of this relates to when laptop screen repair needs to be done on your work laptop.

Louis, on the other hand, assigns Rachel, notwithstanding her being a paralegal and not an actually associate, to help him assist him with the case when he discerns that Harold is clueless and uneducated about ballet.


At the office, Harvey meets his new interim assistant, Cameron, and he ends up irritated when he realized that Cameron had gone to great lengths to try and impress him. He is, however, especially annoyed that Cameron rearranged Donna’s filing system but says nothing about it.

The current plans at Pearson Hardman have been working very well; Harvey understands that in order to win back the firm, Keith should get interim control of the company while the case is ongoing, and then asks Mike to figure out more about Tommy. Rachel and Louis, who have bonded over the case, discover that the defective air conditioning system in the Royal Hall resulted in a toxic atmosphere for the space; and Jessica attempts to buy Follman out of Harvey’s case by adding to Follman’s re-election campaign to suggest a conflict of interest.

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