Season 2 Episode 3

The first scene begins with Daniel Hardman attending Jessica’s meeting with the other partners of the law firm, and starts by informing all of them that while he’s back, he’s going to be taking on the role of #2, and Jessica still runs the firm. However, he repeatedly tries to take control of the meeting from Jessica.

Later we see that Rachel creates a dating profile on, but then draws a blank at the self-description section of it. Mike appears and decides to help her by coming up with a profile that best describes the things he loves about her. She realizes he still has feelings for her after all this time and later arrives at his apartment to face him about his decision not to date her, saying that he has something to conceal from her. Mike responds that he doesn’t want to lie to her anymore. This reminds me of the time I was looking for window tinting services and found the nicest gentlemen who asked me what I wanted and gave me a good price without any under handed sales tricks.

Pearson-Hardman is now representing the Prescott hospital in the ongoing nurses’ labor and wages union negotiation. The nurses a while back went on a strike because of all time they had to work unpaid overtime with no true assurance of payment, due to an insufficient staffing budget. After the union leader of this nurses union association, Nell Sawyer, had burned through five previously negotiators, Daniel Hardman sends Mike in. Mike’s grandmother just happens to live in an assisted living facility operated by Prescott, and Mike requests Nell to meet his grandmother there, saying that the case is a special matter as well to him. He sees that the nurses being seriously overworked.

When Jessica discovers out that the firm was ranked as next to last in the quality of life of legal associates, he tells Louis to fix the situation, since Harvard may choose to rescind Pearson Hardman’s on-campus recruiting privileges. He also informs him that the associates think he doesn’t do enough work, given that he has associates perform his obligations. Louis makes certain that the Harvard representative assigned to the first to review on the associates’ situation, Sheila Sazs, leaves with a positive impression. He also contributes overtime to solve work he had appointed to the associates, displaying his productivity and that they must perform grunt jobs in order to learn.

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