Suit episode 7

Harvey finds Paul in his office and tells him why they did what they did with Madison 25 case, which Paul is not happy about because he is trying to protect Tom’s future. Harvey tells him to trust him on this one; but Paul is not happy and forces Harvey to have Tom sign the bankruptcy papers. Harvey sees Mike deep in his research about the Madison 25 case and comes up with a new plan since Paul is not biting with their original plan. Mike informs Harvey that there are 8 projects in the 2-block radius of Madison 25 and were all built after Madison 25. He tells Harvey that this means that Madison 25 is the centerpiece of all this new properties. 6 of these properties are even backed by National metropolitan. This means that if Madison 25 closes then most of these new properties wont be doing good and that they need madison 25 to build up their own properties.

Mike and Harvey go to the bank again to see the rep and inform her that they would be pursuing maintaining Madison 25. They inform her that they found out the reason the bank is pursuing in leveraging the foreclosure of Madison 25; is to sell prime real estate cheaply in the other properties. They inform her that three of the properties surrounding Madison 25 are represented by Pearson Hardman and that if the bank forecloses Madison 25, they’ll take their business elsewhere and even support the remaining properties. The bank rep then gives up on both men and approves a new loan.

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